Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Limitless Provision

'Rejoice in My abundance-living by faith, not by sight.'   Today's reading was regarding God's glorious riches.  One phrase struck a chord with me: 'Even now you have access to as much of Me as you have faith to receive.'  Man, here is another one of those theological statement that just doesn't sit well with me or it has not in the recent past.  So, it's about faith.  You receive not because of your lack of faith, but I believe, I really do!  Do I?  I am not so sure.  That's why I love Mark 9:24.  The father of the sick boy who was before Jesus cries, 'I believe,  help my unbelief.'    That is my saving grace.  Many times I am not sure if I have enough faith to pray and ask what I ask for, so, just to cover anything I might have missed, I ask God to help my unbelief. 

This strikes a chord with me because among the many ideas of Christian faith I battled with, this was a major one.  Why ask if He does all things according to His will?  So, you will only receive if he agrees with what you are asking?  What's the point of asking and praying for many things and people...just simply say, I have many concerns, but no point in talking about it for hours, whatever you will, I will learn to accept, right?  I know, I know, but praying brings you closer to God, it's about the conversation between you and Him, it's about the relationship these times will bring about.  Yes, that sounds very spiritual and humbling, but there are some 'mundane' things that just need be a yes or no.  And since He already knows the answer before you were even conceived, why are you spending years asking him to change His mind?  How about I just meditate on Him to bring me closer to Him.  

I just wish it was clearer!

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