Thursday, November 7, 2013

God's Promises

I came across this blog today and what I read was very encouraging and challenging.

It was from

"There is nothing that God cannot do in your life if you are willing to submit to his will.  All the pain and struggles you face are simply the elements God uses to mold you into greatness.  He has not forgotten you.  Your trial is set for a time and soon your tears will turn to joy.   There are no losers in the body of Christ. We are all on a path designed by him long before we were born.  He has the plan and it cannot fail.  Are you ready to give up your control to get God’s divine blessings?   Don’t worry over your circumstance for the outcome has been decided in advance.  For believers, the war is won and we are the victors.  The devil himself knows that.  You now need to know that too."

Lord, thank you for  your promises!  I hold on to he hope that this momentary struggle is but for a minute time in light of infinity.  I want to so badly to learn what you are trying to teach me...I don't want to miss this lesson, this growth-opportunity.  I don't want to revisit this lesson again =)  Please make it crystal clear and help my heart to be obedient and follow after you.  Help me to submit to your will.  I choose with everything in me to submit...whatever part I am not, give me grace to learn and submit as well.   

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